Have You Seen The EcoSuctioner®?

Flagship Surgical is known for its innovative ergonomics and fluid management products for the operating room, and with the introduction of the EcoSuctioner we are offering yet another example of our world-class dedication to improving the surgical suite environment. Born of our legacy of providing products that optimize the efficiency and staff comfort in the OR, the EcoSuctioner offers exceptional performance at every level.


With an expanded comfort mat surface area, your OR team will experience less fatigue during procedures, which means better focus and optimal outcome for your patients. And with high performance fluid suction characteristics and absorbency, stray fluids become a non-issue. OR turnover is also optimized, as the EcoSuctioner is super lightweight and disposable. With this new generation Flagship product, your fluid management and ergonomic issues are solved.

Find out more about The EcoSuctioner, and how it can change your OR for the better.