Our Fluid Disk is a disposable floor aspirator designed to quickly remove fluid from the operating room floor. While it is one of the least expensive floor aspirators on the market, it is also extremely effective!

The Fluid Disk comes with a detachable “Fluid Stick”  push handle, which allows the disk to be moved to areas of fluid puddling. The Fluid Stick is also available separately.

  • Fast, effective fluid collection
  • Powerful suction action keeps floors clean
  • Attaches to any surgical suction source
  • Includes 72” suction tubing for easy attachment
  • Can be used in conjunction with The Suctioner
  • Latex free

Fluid Disk
Catalog Number: USA-FD3 (30 pieces/case)
Product Dimensions: 8.25" dia

Fluid Stick
Catalog Number: USA-FS1
(10 pieces/case)
Product Dimensions: 37.5" length