The Economics of Risk Management


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Why Use Flagship Surgical Products?

FACT: Workers Compensation claims in the USA amount to $60-70 billion per year.

FACT: Registered Nurses have one of the highest back injury claim rates compared with any occupation or industry. Standing for long periods of time at work is a big contributor to this. Our Surgical Mats greatly reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury and reduce the burden of standing while performing surgery.

FACT: Hospitals and Surgical Centers continuously search for ways to reduce the risk of infections in the operating room. Our Surgical Mats are anti-microbial and will aid in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and contaminants throughout the surgical arena.

FACT: Hospitals and Surgical Centers routinely seek ways to reduce room turnover times so that more procedures can be performed. This translates into a greater number of surgical procedures performed in an institution, which boosts revenue. Our Surgical Mats will help reduce turnover times, as there is less mess to clean. 

The Advantages of Anti-Fatigue Matting

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Anti-fatigue matting is utilized in virtually all types of industries and professions in order to prevent musculoskeketal injury. Studies have documented and recommended the need for better ergonomic products in the work place; not only for the medical benefit but also to promote cost savings by reducing workers compensation claims from employees unable to perform job functions due to musculoskeletal trauma disorder (MSTD). Typically, anti fatigue matting is provided by the employer for the employee to ensure a safer, more comfortable work environment. Employers realize that by instituting the use of anti fatigue matting in the work place, workers compensation claims will decline, workers will have higher morale at work and worker productivity will increase.

"Perioperative registered nurses, surgeons and surgical technicians are prone to pain and fatigue from static posture during surgical procedures. Static posture puts an increased load or force on muscles and tendons that impedes the flow of blood needed to bring nutrients and carry away waste products of metabolism. The longer the posture must be maintained, the more the potential for fatigue and muscle-tendon strain.

Pain and fatigue can be the result of standing in one place for long periods of time. Surgical team members that experience pain and fatigue are:

  • less productive

  • less attentive

  • more prone to make consistent mistakes

  • more susceptible to injury, and

  • more likely to affect the health and safety of others

Research from the University of Pittsburgh has shown that there is a direct relationship between safety and productivity in the workplace."

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